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CASE STUDY: Luxury fixture

The Nemacolin Resort, 

Farmington, PA

We collaborated with Nemacolin Resort, one of North America's most esteemed luxury destinations. As a fixture designer and supplier, HOLOS was tasked with creating a design that matched the resort's high standards, and we delivered stunning results.


Project Highlights


Faithful Design and Craftsmanship: Our team meticulously crafted "The Peak" sign to perfectly embody Nemacolin's vision and greet guests at the resort's four-season playground center entrance.

Unmatched Quality: The quality of the sign reflects our unwavering dedication to producing exceptional designs that seamlessly blend elegance and precision.

Peak Led Light.png

Elevating Guest Experience: "The Peak" sign serves as a welcoming beacon for guests and reinforces the resort's reputation for luxury and attention to detail.

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