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Our Services

HOLOS Lighting provides custom lighting solutions for Architects and Designers in commercial, retail, hospitality, religious, and high-end residence applications. We break our services into three main categories - Design & Development, Prototyping & Production, and Retrofit & Restoration.


HOLOS Lighting believes that a good design team must demonstrate a profound respect for the fragility and sensitivities of a design’s vision at its inception. Rather than imposing an interpretation upon a project, the design team at HOLOS strives to provide a palate from which the design can blossom.

Every project’s strength lies in the collaboration with our clients and our artisanal experts who breathe life into every design and manufacturing vision or challenge. HOLOS Lighting supports our client’s visions with careful consideration of all aspects of a lighting project structured by concept development, rendering imagery, manufacturing and engineering drawings, and materiality proposals.

Lobby chandelier inspiration rendering

Services We Provide

  • Architectural + Manufacturing Drawings

  • Engineering Drawings + Cut Sheets

  • Renderings + Concept Development

  • Design Development

  • Material + Finish Sampling

  • Luminaire Specification

  • Photometric Calculations

We understand architectural environments and specifications can be a moving target as construction timelines and budgets evolve throughout a project. The importance of HOLOS Lighting’s role early in the schematic design conversation allows us flexibility to create custom lighting that adheres to environmental changes by pivoting on design direction and end-use intent.

lobby chandelier manufacturing drawing

Identifying key aspects of the desired functionality of light within your space gives HOLOS’ Engineering Team the ability to specify luminaires that will achieve the greatest effect with the highest efficiency. Our luminaire specifications are supported by precise photometric calculations of computer-replicated finished environment.

custom lobby chandelier with color changing and staggered lights


Technology has broken free the possibilities of custom lighting, such that the use of new materials and sources is within reach of all market sectors. HOLOS Lighting has expert craftsmen able to construct either one-of-a-kind lighting masterpieces or full scale, high-volume production of fixtures depending on your lighting requirements.

Fixture manufacturing first begins with the creation of a strong design. Custom fixtures require a working prototype to prove their feasibility and relevance to the original design intent. Material application and finishes provide the necessary artistic visual elements of the final fixture, while lighting elements are incorporated to prove their functionality and desired effect on the end environment.

cnc laser for metal cutting and forming for custom manufacturing

Services We Provide

  • CNC Laser Cutting

  • Welding + Sheet Metal Forming

  • Glass Blowing + Slumping + Molding

  • Acrylic forming

  • 3D Printing + Mock-Ups

  • Prototype Development + Iteration

  • Photometric Testing

  • UL Listing + Compliancy for dry, damp, and wet locations

After a successful prototype is configured, final production setup for custom fixtures can begin. HOLOS’ craftsmen collaborate to create one-of-a-kind, custom masterpieces through highly detailed construction methods and artistic treatments. For larger volume projects, HOLOS’ production team has mastered repeatable functions of custom operation to create unique fixtures in a time-sensitive manner.

Finally, completed fixtures are carefully packaged and prepped for shipping, sealing in our quality guarantee for delivery of your custom project for installation.

custom glass frame with backlighting color change
HOLOS Lighting packaging with branded logo sticker on box


While creativity and intelligent design are crucial building blocks for historical restoration, reproducing components and finishes to the exact detail is what gives lighting its authenticity. HOLOS Lighting, with its team of trusted and knowledgeable experts, can fully restore, retrofit, and rewire for energy efficient fixtures. For historical fixtures that have been neglected beyond restorative salvation, HOLOS can design and manufacture new construction fixtures to the exact replication of the original construction.

Historical restoration and replication begins with thorough analysis of the original fixture. Noting architectural details, uncovering degraded finishes, and cleaning for material analysis provides HOLOS’ design teams and craftsmen valuable insight into the original construction, design, and intent of the fixture. This analysis lends itself to the creative processes for replicating and restoring historical fixtures.

Stan Hywet chandelier painting and restoration before and after

Services We Provide

  • Cleaning and Finishing

  • Sandblasting + Finish/Rust Removal

  • Powdercoat + Paint Matching

  • Chemical Aging + Patina

  • Rewiring for 120V, 220V, and Low Voltage

  • Retrofitting for LED technology

  • Fixture Replication for Historical Accuracy

  • Preservation + Maintenance

Design and manufacturing drawings, combined with artist samplings of finishes and material procurement, allows HOLOS Lighting’s craftsmen to begin repair and/or construction of failing or missing components. Replacing outdated wiring and lamping with updated materials and lighting technology increases the fixture’s value and safety.

Tower City Cleveland Ohio Chandelier restoration and retrofit

Finally, finishing of repaired and reconstructed fixtures reveals the true beauty and awe of lighting timepieces. The highly detailed efforts by HOLOS’ craftsmen and artists reflect our respect for the cultural relevance of lighting in our society and reinforce the importance of light as a function of an environment and as an art form.

Heidelberg College sconce restoration and finishing services for custom lighting

At Holos Lighting, we specialize in bringing your lighting ideas and goals to life. Let us help you create the perfect lighting solution for your space.

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