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Collision Bend Brewing Company

Flats East Bank

Cleveland, OH

Understand the Flavor

While all good lighting design must support the design team’s vision, restaurant lighting holds a particular challenge: creating an ephemeral sense of the unique and exciting
dining experience one is about to enjoy. Aesthetic concerns such as accent, sparkle and texture must be subjectively “felt” at the same instant that practical concerns of pathways
and seating locations are unconsciously communicated. On this port-city themed project, Halper Lighting Solutions (HLS)
was asked to design fixtures that would bind rope to sail, lock brass to chain, and lash dock to deck.


These concepts undergird the designer’s vision of a crossroads of sea and land. As lighting elements were blended with the overall interior design, HLS never lost sight of the very real need to
maintain proper lighting design principles.

Collision Bend Brewing company and restaurant in cleveland ohio custom lighting by holos lighting rope and lamp on steel beam


Fixture detail

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